On the Issues

Bipartisan Problem Solver

As a local Mayor, County Supervisor, and State Legislator, Susan Bonilla brings people together, Republicans and Democrats, to solve problems and deliver results.

Balancing the Budget

Susan Bonilla is a fiscally responsible leader who delivered balanced budgets 13 years in a row, taking pay cuts, reducing wasteful spending, and paying down debt. Susan Bonilla brought more accountability to the state budget process by:

  • Establishing a Rainy Day Budget Reserve Fund
  • Cutting wasteful spending and doing more with less
  • Protecting taxpayers while protecting vital; services like public safety and education

Keeping Neighborhoods and Schools Safe

As a mother of four daughters, grandmother, and as an educator, Susan has always put the safety of our families, children, and seniors as a top priority. She cracked down on child abusers and online predators, protected seniors from abuse, and worked with Republicans and Democrats to keep prisoners behind bars.

That’s why she earned the support of Attorney General Kamala Harris, Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern, Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston, and Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson, as well as local police and firefighters on the front lines keeping our streets and neighborhoods safe.


Susan led efforts to modernize our public schools and improve academic standards, while reforming the state’s education funding formula to put more money into local schools giving local districts and parents more control. She’s increased access to college for middle-class and working families, and opposes tuition increases at UC and CSU university systems.

Protecting Water and the Delta, and Opposing the Twin Tunnels

As Mayor, Supervisor, and as a State Legislator Susan Bonilla has worked tirelessly to protect the Delta, find solutions to address our state’s water shortage, hold polluters accountable, and strongly oppose the twin tunnels.

As a County Supervisor, Susan limited overdevelopment and housing sprawl by leading efforts to establish a countywide Urban Limit Line and she partnered with federal and regional leaders to oppose construction of the twin tunnels.   Before that, as Mayor of Concord she successfully led the fight against the federal government’s deal to trade 5,000 acres of land to developers by establishing a community advisory community of local stakeholders, supporting their plan to keep 60% if the property for parks and open space.

In the State Assembly, she helped pass historic water legislation that will help restore the Delta and protect our local water supply.

Those fighting to protect the Delta are united in support of Susan – including Congressman Jerry McNerney and Congressman John Garamendi as well as local environmental leaders across the district.

Small Business and Job Creation

On the local, county, and state levels, Susan Bonilla has always worked closely with local small businesses, helping to give them the tools to succeed and create jobs.

During the recession, she helped champion legislation to secure tax credits to create jobs in underemployed areas. As chair of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee, Susan is working to cut red tape, level the playing field for small business, and deliver economic investment for our region.

Susan is working to improve access to college and job training programs, and encouraging more women to work in science, technology, and engineering – which will help local employers find the skilled workers they need, and fighting to end the gender gap in the workplace.


As a Contra Costa County Supervisor, Susan brought together business and labor, Democrats and Republicans, to solve a $2.7 Billion retiree health care liability, winning consensus and compromise that reduced the county’s unfunded liability while protecting workers’ rights. In the Assembly, Susan helped pass Governor Jerry Brown’s historic pension reform to save billions by capping benefits, increasing the retirement age, and ending abuse in the system.

See for yourself at http://gov.ca.gov/news.php?id=17694

Prop 30

Prop 30 was a temporary tax increase to help California solve our fiscal crisis, balance the budget, and fund vital services, including public education, health care, and public safety. The Governor always intended Prop 30 to be temporary.

“I was a strong advocate and proponent of Proposition 30, which helped stabilize the general fund and increased desperately needed Prop 98 revenue for our schools. However, it is temporary, and will expire.
I believe we have made a good case to California voters that investing in public education is critical to the long-term prosperity of our state.
I hope that a smart, new solution to provide needed revenue for public education – potentially including higher education and preschool, will be put before voters. We absolutely need to ask the voters of California to pass an education funding measure so that once Prop 30 expires our schools and millions of children won’t be left behind.”

Prop 13

Prop 13 provides homeowners with vital protection from rising property taxes. Susan is 100% committed to protecting homeowners under Prop 13.

The false attack ads funded by mega developers bankrolling Steve Glazer’s campaign are deceiving voters and using scare tactics to hide their true intent. They will say and do anything to achieve their special interest agenda.