Special interest campaign against Susan Bonilla sinks to a new low.  Community leaders call campaign ads “disgusting,” “irresponsible,” and “completely deceptive.”

Concord, CA – Community leaders across the 7th State Senate District have resoundingly condemned the latest in a barrage of outrageous attacks against Assemblymember Susan Bonilla.  Saying that the latest special interest funded campaign ads against Bonilla “sink to a new low,” and are “disgusting and completely misleading,” community leaders across the state and district are calling for the ads to be stopped immediately.

The latest ads feature disturbing images of frightened children and text such as “sexual abuse by a teacher can happen anywhere.”  The ads are the latest effort by the special interest group, JobsPAC, to mislead voters and distort Susan Bonilla’s record.

Parents, law enforcement, educators, and public safety leaders immediately expressed outrage over the ads, saying that Susan Bonilla’s record and the facts tell a completely different story.

“Prosecutors and public safety officers have partnered with Susan Bonilla to make schools and neighborhoods safe, keeping dangerous predators behind bars where they belong.  These reprehensible attacks by outside groups working for Steve Glazer are disgusting and have no place in our community,” said Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson.

A mother and educator, Susan Bonilla has been instrumental in passing legislation that cracks down on child predators in public schools and that, in fact, makes it easier to fire teachers who abuse children.

In 2014, Bonilla voted for AB 215, which streamlines the teacher dismissal process and creates an expedited process for educators charged with egregious misconduct such as sexual abuse.

Bonilla also authored AB 465 and AB 2560.  AB 465 protects children who participate in youth sports from sexually abusive or violent individuals byauthorizing criminal background checks.  AB 2560 mandates that educators report suspected child abuse directly to law enforcement, not the school administration, to ensure that immediate action is taken.

“The false attacks against Susan Bonilla over the past months funded by outside special interests have been among the nastiest, most negative campaigning our community has ever witnessed.  Enough is enough.  Stand with parents, educators, prosecutors, police, and community leaders and put an end to this by voting for Susan Bonilla.  Send a message that we will not be deceived by these attacks; send Susan Bonilla to the State Senate,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson.

James Qualk, a Concord resident and father, went further, expressing outrage that children are being exposed to disturbing and graphic images. “Susan Bonilla has been a lifelong champion for educating and protecting our children.  These irresponsible, disgusting, and false mailers are plastering our homes with scare tactics that no family or child should have to see.   This is a new low.  There’s no place in politics for these types of attacks.”